Salon 16 Community Love and Giving

We are passionate about humanity. Over the years, we have given donations and time to causes that advance women, children, peace on earth and the environment and help the homeless. We would like to set up a free monthly clinic for those that need help with their health but are short on finances. 





Many people are in need and many people want to make a difference. Some claim that they can’t make a difference without money. Even with no money or a small amount of money, you can make a difference in a big way.

Every event I do, or money I make from my business, I feature a charity or nonprofit or I will request everyone to bring the requested items to donate. Together we can also make a big difference.

It’s not always money that is needed to make a difference. Here are some ways to make a difference with little or no money. You can do as much as you can afford to. Whether it’s your time, $5 or $5,000, each act will make a big difference.

  1. Smile. You’re smile may be the sunshine that someone needs today to make their day.
  2. Listen. Sometimes a person needs someone to sit and listen to them and try to understand where they are and hold space for them.
  3. Go to the dollar store and pick up socks to give to homeless people as you pass them by one the street or street corner.
  4. Buy some bottled water and give to homeless people. Also, packaged cheese/pb and crackers are inexpensive.
  5. Gather from others from your neighborhood, company, organization, etc and donate blankets to the homeless.
  6. Trial size Personal toiletries that you can purchase at the dollar store or the ones you collect from the hotels.
  7. Gather backpacks from others to give to the homeless or to school children. If you want to go a step further, fill them up with snacks, school supplies, etc
  8. Gather coats from the neighborhood, your company, organization, etc and give to the homeless or children.
  9. Donate toys used or new to women’s shelters that have children.
  10. Donate toys for Toys for Tots.
  11. Adopt a family/child during the holiday.
  12. Donate canned goods. Make sure they aren’t expired. Better yet, give the money to the local Salvation Army, etc as they have partnerships with food suppliers that will double, even triple the meals for every dollar you donate.
  13. Be an advocate, have a bill sponsored that will address the community problems.
  14. Volunteer to read to or tutor children or the blind
  15. Grow a garden and share your food with others.
  16. Take your empty water bottles and aluminum cans, put them in a bag and leave just outside garbage dumpster in the area where homeless people are usually around. They will find them without having to dig through the garbage and have them recycled and will give them a little money.
  17. Show compassion.
  18. Become a hospice volunteer.
  19. Take scraps of wood, metal, etc and build a mini shelter or house for someone. Or join with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

Be an inspiration for others.